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Information about sal rei (Cape Verde, Boa Vista)

Cape Verde -> Boa Vista

The Owner of 'Boa Vista Holiday Apartments' says about sal rei
Sal Rei (literally \\\\\\\'Salt King\\\\\\\'), with a population of about 3,000 inhabitants, is Boavista\\\\\\\'s capital. The town was originally known as Porto Ingles, probably due to the English sailors that established a salt business on the Island in the 1600s. The Duque de Braganca fort, which faces Sal Rei from the nearby islet (Ilhu de Sal Rei), was built to protect the port from the frequent pirate attacks that plagued the Island during the early 1800s. Apparently, it is possible to swim the 1.5km to this Islet from Sal Rei, though you can also take a boat.
The Owner of 'Resort Cabral' says about sal rei
Boavista is the third largest of ten islands that form Cape Verde. Boavista island boasts 55km of white sand beaches including the 18km of Santa Monica Beach, one of the most beautiful to be found anywhere in the world. Boa Vista is a harsh, dry island, with a mostly flat desert like interior, rainfall is unreliable leading to frequent droughts and there is a lack of infrastructure. These harsh conditions have led to most of the native people from the Island of Boa Vista emigrating and now officially only 4,000 people reside on the island, about 1% of the Cape Verde population. It comes as no surprise that Boa Vista is the birthplace of the \\\'morna\\\' a unique form of mournful Cape Verde music that speaks of the love of lost ones.
The Owner of 'quintal 132' says about sal rei
sal rei, the island of boa vista
The Owner of 'casa velha' says about sal rei
sal rei, boa vista island, Cape Vert
The Owner of 'Vila Cabral 2' says about sal rei
Sal Rei is a five minute walk from the apartment. It is a small town and has a growing number of restaurants and bars. A search on Trip Advisor for restaurants in Sal Rei gives you some idea of what is available. The number one on Trip Advisor at the time of writing this is 'Elcibar', which is the bar/restaurant at Vila Cabral 2, so good eating on site if you don't wish to go out. (Elcibar closes on a Monday)

Sal Rei is a fishing port and you can also do boat trips from here for whale watching when in season.
The Owner of 'Boa Vista two bed Apartment in Vila Cabral 2, Sal Rei' says about sal rei
The nearby town of Sal Rei is a 5 minute walk away. Here you will find all the amenities you could wish for such as bars, restaurants and tour guide shops.

Beyond the town is Estoril beach which offers a range of beach bars and restaurants and watersports. And with just a 15 minute transfer from the airport, Vila Cabral II really is the perfect location to be!
The Owner of 'PENTHOUSE SEA VIEW' says about sal rei
Sal Rei is a small town in the Portuguese style, surrounded by the sea. People are friendly and welcoming; local restaurants with excellent cuisine. Spectacular sunsets in contact with nature. Colors, smells and flavors created by a mix of Africa, Brazil and Portugal.
The Owner of 'BookingBoavista' says about sal rei
Of all the 10 islands of the archipelago of Cape Verde, Boa Vista is located farthest east, lying just 455 km from the African coast. Its surface is about 620 km making it the third largest island in the country. It is basically composed of volcanic rocks and sand, and consequently has the longest and most beautiful beaches in the country.
Sal Rei is the capital, with currently about 8000 inhabitants. Over the past five years, with the increase in tourism, had a doubling of its total area, turning up in a small town where it currently can be found a bit of Europe, but still retaining some typical quiet daily life of Cape Verdeans.
The Owner of 'apartment for your holidays' says about sal rei
the town calls sal rei, is a small village with a nice person and frendly.
you canbuy all you want,just like (fruits,water,vegetables,)and you can found the shops that you can buy all you need.........
The Owner of 'Vila Cabral 2' says about sal rei
A busy town with all amenities such as banks etc, whilst still retaining much of its original African/Portuguese charm. Boa Vista is home to some of the most dazzling beaches on the archipelago covering a staggering 55km. Closest to the African mainland, Boa Vista is not only renowned for its stunning beaches but its marine life too. Nightlife here is very low key and quiet with just a scattering of local restaurants and bars. More About Boa Vista Boa Vista is quite literally covered in sand and many buildings have been completely absorbed leaving an endless blanket of sand. A great example of this is on Praia da Chaves, an old ceramic factory covered in sand is still intact with machines in situ! Sahara like dunes in the interior of the island with sprouting date palms are an impressive sight and well worth a visit. Depending on the time of year you may even spot some turtles on the islands southern beaches. Boa Vista is thought to be the third most important loggerhead nesting
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