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Information about budapest (Hungary, Budapest)

Hungary -> Budapest

The Owner of 'Danube Apartment' says about budapest
Budapest, the capital of Hungary is divided by the river Danube, has a wonderful panoramic view with the Buda hills, the Margaret Island etc.
The Owner of 'Holiday apartment' says about budapest
That Budapest - one of the most beautiful cities in the world – has developed where it is, is not down to some historical accident. Take a look at Gellért Hill, right next to the River Danube as it flows majestically through the centre of the modern city. It was precisely the combination of the relative ease of crossing the River here and the natural protection the hill offered against invasion that decided the earliest settlers it was the ideal place to build a town. The Eravisci, a tribe of highly cultured Celts, had already settled at Gellért Hill in the third and fourth centuries B.C. They worked with iron, decorated their earthenware pots and even minted their own coins. Later, the Romans built a settlement at today’s Óbuda. They called it Aquincum and it was an important station along the limes which ran alongside the River Danube.
The Owner of 'BudapestCastleApartment' says about budapest
Budapest has long been known as the 'Paris of Eastern Europe'. The city the Danube and has broad avenues and leafy parks. Historic Budapest is small, and most sights can be reached on foot from the city center.
The Owner of 'Apartment Egry' says about budapest
Capital of Hungary with a lot of interesting attractions and nightlife.
The Owner of 'Buda Hill Apartment' says about budapest
Budapest is a phantastic city full of tourist attractions, thermal baths and many shopping venues. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the
sights and spas of Budapest and relax
in a truly exceptional environment.
The Owner of 'ACH-Elisabeth Boulevard Apartment' says about budapest

Territory: 525 km2
Population: cca 2 000 000
Districts: 23
Bridges: 9
Islands in the River Danube: Margit sziget (thermal baths, parks, rose garden, mediaval ruins, small zoo), Óbudai sziget (the venue of the annual music and cultural mega festival called "Sziget Festival"), Csepel sziget, Szentendrei sziget
Railway Stations: Nyugati pu., Keleti pu., Déli pu.
Airports: Ferihegy 1. (only for low tariff flights), Ferihegy 2A, 2B
Metro lines: Yellow (#1), Red (#2), Blue (#3)
The Owner of 'Zoltan Apartment' says about budapest
Budapest...the prettiest city in Central Europe...
The Owner of 'Apartment Opera' says about budapest
The completion of the Chain Bridge in 1849 was the first permanent crossing of the river Danube which subsequently led to the joining of Buda, Óbuda and Pest to become one city in 1872. Few sights in Europe are as spectacular as the panoramic view of Budapest split by the river Danube.
The Owner of 'Art Deco Apartment, Budapest' says about budapest
Budapest is often mentioned as 'The Pearl of the Danube', and consists of two main parts: the hilly Buda on the right bank of the Danube, and the mostly plain Pest on the left bank of the river. Seven bridges connect the two halves of the city. Budapest covers an area of 525 square km and has about 2 million inhabitants.

Óbuda (Old Buda) is the oldest part of Budapest situated in Buda. District 3 lies on the ruins of the huge, ancient military camp of Roman legionaries called Acquincum, the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire in continental Europe. Consequently, several amphitheatres and artifacts have been unearthed here.

Medieval Óbuda used to be a suburb filled with silk refineries and boat factories, forming part of Budapest by the time of its unification in 1873. Óbuda was inhabited mostly by german-speaking Swabian farmers, and, because of its village-like atmosphere, was a favorite place of the petite bourgeoisie of Pest for outings.
The Owner of 'opera 1' says about budapest
The world famous Opera house and Andrassy Street is around the corner to enable visitors to walk along Hungary's cultural avenue. A walk on Andrassy Street is well worth the effort to see the most amazing, tall superb architectural buildings. The Metro station is front of the Opera where the underground trains take the visitors in minutes to famous Hero square, City Park and Szechenyi Spa, and to all part of the City. The small side streets of Andrassy ut host charming cafes, bars and restaurants too. The famous Chain Bridge is a 20 minutes stroll down Andrassy Street. Liszt Ferenc square lined with restaurants in a most superb setting is just a short walk away.
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