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Information about Trancoso (Brazil, Bahia)

Brazil -> Bahia

The Owner of 'Casa do Pablo' says about Trancoso
Trancoso is a village next to Porto Seguro in South-Bahia (800km south of Salvador de Bahia). His beautifull beaches and the charming historic center ("quadrado") will make you forget you're stress & worries. On the Quadrado, a green plateau on front of the ocean with a marvelous view, it's coloured colonial style houses and a ancient church on the top, is a highly energetic place. It offers a variety of middle to highclass restaurants and shops. The former indian/hippie village is becoming more & more a sophisticated little town, where brazilian High Society meets. It`s a calm & relaxing place that gets crowded only the days around Newyear and January. The rest of the year there are only few tourists around.
The Owner of 'Holiday House in Trancoso - Brazil - Bahia' says about Trancoso
Trancoso is a beautiful place with long beaches to walk or to relax at several places to eat or drink. The city is famous for her Quadrado, a square with several interesting shops and beautiful restaurants. During the day, life takes place at the beach, in the night the Quadrado is busy where you can eat and drink and you can meet new people and make new friends.
The Owner of 'Casa MADACHA' says about Trancoso
Trancoso is the new wellkept secret holiday hotspot in Brasil. It's famous 'Quadrado' is a large square surrounded by typical multicolor bahianese houses mostly restaurants, bars and shops. Trancoso is not devoted to mass-tourism. It's sophisticated and exclusive. You will find there among the nicest 'pousadas' (little hotels-restaurants) in Brazil. Almost deserted large beaches are stretching on miles of beautiful sand. The average temperature is 28 all year through. In short, it's juste paradise.
The Owner of 'Trancoso Pousada' says about Trancoso
Trancoso is a town in the municipality of Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia, Brazil. The region was the landing point of the Portuguese explorer, Pedro Alvares Cabral onto Brazil, on April 21, 1500. It was founded by Jesuit Priests on 1583, with the name São João Baptista dos Indios. Shaped as a rectangle, the village retains the original style of its housing architecture. It is famous for its beaches, such as Praia dos Nativos, Praia dos Coqueiros and Praia do Espelho. In recent years the location has been developed by the hotel industry, including the French Club Mediterranée, which has boosted real estate value. The federal Ministry of the Environment is currently expanding several National Parks and Natural Reserves nearby with the goal of preserving remaining areas of Atlantic Rain Forest. In addition, Trancoso is located at the starting point of a state Environmental Protection Area, the APA Caraíva-Trancoso, whose goal is to curtail touristic and economical development in
The Owner of 'Chalet Villa Brasi+Swiss' says about Trancoso
Trancoso is famous for its white, semi-deserted beaches. Most of them are protected by reefs and form natural swimming pools at low tide. * Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach) This is the most famous beach of Trancoso, with powder white beaches and natural warm swimming pools created by reefs at low tide. Praia do Espelho is situated about a half an hour from Trancoso, following a winding dirt roat that is only accessible during sunny weather. * Praia dos Coqueiros (Palmtree Beach) Praia dos Coqueiros, or Palmtree Beach, is a small beach with medium waves and most of the time protected by coral reefs. This beach has the nickname Palmtree beach because of the more than hundred beautiful palmtrees that are typical for this region of Bahia. * Praia da Pedra Grande (Big Rock Beach) This beach is about a kilometer away from Praia Coqueiros, it's narrower than the other beaches and with fewer tourists. Praia Dos Coqueiros is the last beach where you will find restaurants, beachbars
The Owner of 'Pousada Mundo Verde' says about Trancoso
Trancoso is a charming and tranquil village perfectly preserved and with global appeal to all.
Founded at the beginning of the Portuguese colonization by the Jesuits, Trancoso previously an Indian village, was given the name St John to help spread Christianity throughout Brazil.

Now no longer the rustic and isolated village discovered by hippies in the 70`s, Trancoso is now recognized as a world renown destination where the calmness and small village mentality remains.

The Quadrado or large square is at the center of Trancoso life and is framed by colourful houses and the church which remains the heart and soul.
Today trendy restaurants, boutiques, pousadas and bars replace the simple fisherman houses of previous years.

The charm of Trancoso is magnified by the stunning beaches which coupled with the hot climate make Trancoso a destination for all year long.
The Owner of 'Luxury Golf Home Rental / Trancoso, Bahia/Brazil' says about Trancoso
A sophisticated residential condominium with lots starting at 1,400 m², ready for you to build your dream house, totally integrated with the golf course and the Atlantic Rainforest, with a stunning landscape, making you feel perfectly in harmony with the natural beauty of the region. In addition to the exclusivity of this closed condominium, Villavista Golf Condominium owners can also enjoy the complete Terravista infrastructure of security and services, including telephone, broadband, cable TV and many pay-per-use services for your comfort and convenience. The housing design options follow a master plan developed by Terravista to ensure a compatible visual standard that blends in with the local nature and style. Some of the most famous architects in the country have developed projects for Villavista, including r Ana Maria Vieira Santos, Bia Bittencourt, David Bastos, Fabrizio Ceccarelli, João Armentano, Maurício Nobrega, Sig Bergamin and Roberto Migotto. At Villavista, you will
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