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Information about Ohrid (Macedonia, Ohrid)

Macedonia -> Ohrid

The Owner of 'apartments MILA' says about Ohrid
Ohrid - Balkan Jerusalem, city of UNESKO, where Cyrilic Alphabet was discover, where two famous saints have put the strongest stamp of Slavic Culture and Literature - St. Kliment and St. Naum of Ohrid.
The Owner of 'Albergo Mimi Ohrid' says about Ohrid
The Owner of 'private apartment Sekuloski' says about Ohrid
Beautiful city on the coast of Ohrid Lake.
A lot of archaeological sites like churches, antique localities etc. Old part of the city with specific architecture. Virgin nature with numerous nice beaches along the shore.
55000 inhabitants mostly touristic oriented. Great shopping area with coffee-bars, restaurants with local dishes, various night-life. For more info see:
The Owner of 'Vila RIMARI' says about Ohrid
Vila rimari se naoga vo centarot na Ohrid na samo 150m. od Ohridskoto ezero.
The Owner of 'Apartments** by the Lake, Ohrid' says about Ohrid
The Owner of 'NIKOLOVSKI'S Apartment' says about Ohrid
Ohrid, an eternal town, a magical hill has been a living town for two thousand and four hundred years.Immortal Ohrid – a kingdom of light and water, a repository of ancient ruins from Macedonia’s earlier kingdoms – is the sublime lakeside town that for many represents the culmination of the Macedonian experience.It bears the name 'The Balkan Jerusalem'. Through the activity of St. Clement of Ohrid, the first pan-Slavonic university on Europe was situated here. Ohrid was the most important official capital of the first Slav Macedonian State, of Samuel's empire. And Ohrid was the centre of Macedonia's nineteenth century revival. Today Ohrid is a cultural, spiritual and tourist centre. Ohrid’s major attractions are all located within a remarkably concentrated and eminently walkable area, among and above the narrow streets of the Old Town, itself lined with restaurants and cafes perfectly suited for relaxing on cool summer evenings. Ohrid’s many café bars and nightclubs also make for vibrant
The Owner of 'Rooms** by the Lake, Ohrid' says about Ohrid
The Owner of 'Apartments KOSTA' says about Ohrid
We are located in the center of Ohrid, there are many restaurants for traditional food and we can recommend night clubs and bars. Ohrid has many churches, museums and monuments that you can visit.
The Owner of 'Volkan Apartments' says about Ohrid
The Owner of 'Apartments Sofija' says about Ohrid

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