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Information about Lviv (The Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast')

The Ukraine -> L'vivs'ka Oblast'

The Owner of 'Cozy apartment in the very center' says about Lviv
Lviv (Lvov, Lwow) – one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is very unique, with beautiful architecture and well developed tourist infrastructure. Lots of churches, museums, cafes. Definitely should be on your list to visit!
The Owner of 'daily rental house at lviv' says about Lviv

A city of sleeping lions, which has changed so many names throughout it\\\\\\\'s long history, today remains one of the most charming and mysterious beauties of Eastern Europe. It is the only Ukrainian \\\\\\\'Ensemble of the Historic Centre\\\\\\\' included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Owner of 'Lemberg Apartment' says about Lviv
Lviv, Lwow, Lvov, Lemberg, Leopolis... it\\\'s a city of many faces. Mysterious, edgy and architecturally lovely, Lviv boasts that it’s Ukrain’s least Soviet city. It may have a point. The city’s Unesco World Heritage–listed centre was built like a rich layer-cake of neoclassical architecture in rococo, baroque, Renaissance and Gothic styles. There’s nary a concrete Soviet apartment block in sight (in the centre, at least), and it has a deep-rooted coffee-house culture that is oh-so-central European. Yet Lviv does retain a whiff of Sovietness that only broadens its appeal. Weathered babushkas sell pickled vegetables and honey at the city’s Krakivsky Market. There’s still the odd gastronom (food store), Volga and dodgy neon-lit slot-machine parlour scattered about. Opera tickets and tram rides are still priced for the people. This dreamy metropolis has been both the capital of Habsburg Galicia, and a key city in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
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