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Information about Izola (Slovenia, Izola)

Slovenia -> Izola

The Owner of 'Simonov zaliv holiday apartment' says about Izola
The municipality of Izola-Isola is officially bilingual, with both Slovene and Italian as official languages
The Owner of 'apartma san simon' says about Izola
The old Mediterranean town of Izola leans on the southwestern coast of the Gulf of Trieste, where the genuine tradition of fishing and winemaking , the mistical traces of the past and the kindness of the locals form an unforgettable mosaic of experiences. The lively pace of the town and the romantic character welcome you, which is why it is said that you never forget Izola. The turbulent history of the little fishing town created wonderful architecture treasures and old legends , which bring you back in time when Izola was still an island. The spirit of the Meditteranean can be felt with every step on clustered medieval streets, with the view of the rocking boats, with a relaxing chat with the locals, and with the aroma of speciality seafood dishes accompanied by good wine . In Izola it is never boring because there are various sport, culture and entertainment events throughout the whole year and they are inspired by old customs and traditions. Museum, galleries and studios will
The Owner of 'Villa Marittima****' says about Izola
Villa Marittima**** is the perfect choice for you if you want to spend your time in the beautiful Slovenian coastal town Izola. The sea and the beach are close by and it only takes you a few minutes to walk to the lovely town centre.
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