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Information about Bovec (Slovenia, Bovec)

Slovenia -> Bovec

The Owner of 'Casa Alpina' says about Bovec
mountain resort on border with Italy and Austria.
The Owner of 'Apartma Norma' says about Bovec
Beautiful time in the middle of green and clean nature. A valley surrounded by high mountains. One of the most beautiful rivers - Emerald river Soča gives you opportunity to do water sports. Kanin - Sella Nevea - go and ski on the highest Slovenian ski slopes and admire a spectacular view.
The Owner of 'APARTMENT BOVEC - DANA - APARTMA RED' says about Bovec
Bovec is a picturesque little town in the Slovenian Alps. It is located in the northwestern part of Slovenia. Surrounded by high mountain peaks it\'s a perfect spot for active vacation. Bovec is most known by the crystal clear waters of the Soča River. Its colour truly is as amazing as in the photos so don\'t forget to bring your camera with you.

In the summer Bovec turns into an adrenalin capital of Slovenia. There are many white water sports organized on the Soča River by the local sports agencies. The mountains offer many well marked trails for hiking. But if you are looking for the best view book paragliding. In the summer the main square hosts many town sponsored events.

There\'s not much going on in the late autumn or in the early spring. But in the winter Bovec comes back to life again. The Kanin Ski Center, now connected to the Italian ski resort of Sella Neveia, is the only ski center of Slovenia where you can ski above 2.000 m.
The Owner of 'APARTMENT BOVEC - DANA - APARTMA GREEN' says about Bovec
Bovec (Italian: Plezzo, German: Flitsch, Friulian: Plèz) is a town in the Littoral region in northwestern Slovenia. It is the central settlement of the Municipality of Bovec. It has been traditionally part of the historic Gorizia region, but nowadays only a minority of locals share this identity, preferring to identify with the wider region of the Slovenian Littoral.

The Owner of 'APARTMENT BOVEC - DANA - APARTMA ORENGE' says about Bovec
Bovec is a veritable paradise for relaxation, active vacations and discovering the Isonzo Front. In recent years, the Bovec area has been becoming increasingly popular with advertisers and filmmakers; part of the Disney film Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was shot here. This area is the centre of tourism in the Soča valley, a destination that was declared a European Destination of Excellence in 2008 with the Soča Stories project. Bovec is a destination of Slovenian superlatives and natural sights: - Boka, Slovenia\'s most majestic waterfall, - Triglav (2864 m), Slovenia\'s highest mountain, - the Soča, Europe\'s most emerald river, - the Krnsko jezero lake, Slovenia\'s largest mountain lake - Kanin-Sella Nevea (2300 m), Slovenia\'s highest ski resort, - Vršič mountain pass (1611 m), Slovenia\'s highest mountain pass, - mountain road to Mangartsko sedlo, Slovenia\'s highest mountain road. Experiences in Bovec: - kayaking
The Owner of 'Apartments JOJO' says about Bovec
Bovec is slovenian \"outdoor mecca\" ! Visit it!
The Owner of 'house Anton' says about Bovec
Bovec is a Slovene and European outdoor destination of excellence

A little town, hidden in the green of the valley under the 2000-m high peaks of the Julian Alps, became in the 1980’s a gathering place for friends of rafting, kayaking, canyoning, hydrospeed, summer and winter climbing, paragliding, hiking, gliding, parachuting and recently zipline as well. Each year in the springtime, an adrenaline dance begins by the emerald Soča River, discretely watched by visitors who visit the magical river for the first time; most of all they seek peace and quiet, lonely pools, romantic views and the mysteries of nature. There will always be enough places for everybody.
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