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Information about varna (Bulgaria, Varna)

Bulgaria -> Varna

The Owner of 'villaBulgaria' says about varna
Welcome to our new luxury furnished villa of 400 m2 total area and 1000 m2 court with ray-grass and pool, wooden outdoor structure with barbecue, located on the sea-side part of the Bqla-resort, about 25 minutes from the center of Varna and 20 minutes from Sunny beach and Nessebar resorts /all easily accessible by bus or by tourist-transport from the villa/ .
The Owner of 'villa sea dream with private pool' says about varna

The place's merits as a balneological center were estimated as early as the times of ancient Romans who used the numerous geothermal springs for their famous baths.

The town was founded in 6th century B.C. as a Greek colony under the name of Oddessos over a former Thracian dwelling. In 7th C. the Slavs called it Varna. In late Middle Ages it was a fortified town thriving on brisk sea trade. A number of ancient monuments have been found within its territory. The Roman Bath is the most imposing among them. Several gold treasures discovered in the region are kept at the city's Archeological Museum among which is the oldest gold worldwide - the treasure found in the Varna eneolithic necropolis. It is 6 500 years old. The Museum keeps a precious collection of Orthodox icons from 16th - 19th C. The Orthodox cathedral church of 'St. Assumption' is one of the city's most impressive buildings.
The Owner of 'Villa Jazzy' says about varna
Villa area Izgrev located between Albena resort and Balchik.
The Owner of 'Villa with motor boat and canoe' says about varna
There are absolutely no tourists, or tourist facilities, which all are in the other side of the town. In this area, the donkey or horse and cart are still in use.
Magnificent views of the bay.
There are three small shops within 15 minutes walk. Varna city centre is a 10 minute drive, and has several large open air markets, fish market, cinemas, clubs, and usual tourist facilities. There are buses to the centre and to beaches in Varna (15 mins. ride) and other towns up along the coast. The water temperature is usually 25 - 27 Centigrade in the summer! The villa is in a green protected area, containing reeds and trees.
The Owner of 'villaSunrise' says about varna
You can sit all day on the beach in Varna if you wish, but there is more to do than that, especially if you have good shoes and a good appetite! Taxis are cheap and safe, or for a small handful of stotinki you may like to try out the bus service. Varna is full of history which you can still see all around you today. Our manager will tell you how to reach some fascinating places that will keep you clicking your camera There is plenty of night life - visit the seafront down the steps from the city centre's main pedestrianised street, which leads you right onto the beach past all these other attractions - excellent restaurants, bars, coffee shops (oh-oh, those cream cakes again!) and nightclubs. This is a particularly enjoyable area on warm evenings. When your evening is over, taxis are to be found at all hours so keep a few leva in your pocket after you have enjoyed the food and drink. We can't begin to name all the restaurants, they are everywhere and all offer excellent food
The Owner of 'Chaika Beach Apartment' says about varna
Varna is the capital of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and has all the facilities and pleasures associated with a large, thriving, cosmopolitan sea-port.
It has the largest sea-side park in Europe, and its pedestrianised shopping area is notable for its variety and reasonable prices, even for designer fashions!
More details of Varna's attractions on our website:
The Owner of 'Private apartment for rent' says about varna
A district town, situated on Varna Bay on the Black Sea, 469 km north-east of Sofia; a seaside resort. Population of over 350 000. Third in population after Sofia and Plovdiv, called the seaside capital of Bulgaria.
Terminal station on the railway lines Sofia-Varna and Rouse-Varna, a sea port, an international airport, second in traffic after Sofia.
Long sand-covered beach strips.
part from being a beach resort, Varna rivals the great cities of Sofia and Plovdiv, in its offering of cultural attractions and historical buildings, museums and art galleries. It also provides access to some of the quieter scenic spots along the coast, including the nature reserve of Kamchiya, the royal palace of Balchik and the hillside monastery of Aladzha...
The Owner of 'Villa Infinity' says about varna
Villa area overlooking Albena resort.
The Owner of '2-Zimmerwohnung im griechischen Viertel in Varna (Zentrum)' says about varna
Varna is the "sea capital" of Bulgaria. The famous Sea Garden and the whole citi provides a lot high class entertaiment.
The Owner of 'Aglaea house' says about varna
Varna, the cultural center in summer is only 5 km away. Here you have the possibility to visit festivals, theaters, concerts as well as many museums and landmarks. The archeological museum possesses the world’s oldest gold treasure. The roman Thermal baths, the Stone forest and the Aladja Rock monastery are to be found here. Also very interesting are the exhibitions of the Naval museum, the lectures in the Planetarium and the shows in the Dolphinarium. The numerous night clubs, discos and bars will offer you great entertainment.
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